Awards and Bursaries

To encourage young scientists (bachelor, master and PhD students or Resident Medical Doctors) to present their best contributions, a panel of judges selected from members of the International Selection Committee will select oral and poster presentations presented to be awarded prizes in the Young Scientist Award competition.


Travel awards for attendance at IC-ANMBES 2024
1.  EBSA Bursaries
The IC-ANMBES Committee supports bursaries for PhD students and/or post-docs who wish to attend the meeting. The application form can be downloaded from

Eligible applicants are:

  Ph.D. students registered in the EU area
  Postdoctoral fellows working in the EU area

For the purpose of this application, EU area includes EU member states, EU associated states, countries of the former Soviet Union, Israel, Egypt. The base country is the country where the applicant is carrying out his/her research, and/or where he/she is registered for a Ph.D. Previous recipients of bursaries are eligible for new awards, but not within 24 months of the end of the previous award and not if they have failed to submit a report of the previous visit.
The bursary will be for non-Romanian applicants in the value of 400 Eur and is to be used to defray the cost of travel and to contribute to the cost of subsistence, such as accommodation and the cost of registration. Payment will be carried out in a single payment to the time of the meeting.

2.  IC-ANMBES Bursaries
The Executive Committee supporting bursaries for PhD students and/or post-docs in the value of 200 Eur for Romanian applicants who wish to attend the meeting. The application form can be downloaded from.


Applicants for bursaries are asked to carefully read the following notes before filling out the application form and submit completed forms no later
than June 24, 2024 by email to:

The awarding of bursaries will be decided  by the IC-ANMBES Awards Committee, within the financial framework  provided by the EBSA and BES Executive Committee. The Awards Committee will have the final say for decisions concerning eligibility, scientific merit of the application and the level of support. The Awards Committee may ask  the applicants to provide supplementary clarifications or to modify the  proposals

All recipients of the Bursaries are required to submit a brief report (1 page maximum)  describing the achievements during the visit. The report must be  received by the IC-ANMBES Secretariat ( within 1 month of the end of the  award. All correspondence will be carried out by email, in English.
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