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Jacqueline Cherfils, BCNRS and Ecole Normale
Supérieure Paris-Saclay, Gif-sur-Yvette, France
“Allosteric regulation of small GTPases at the surface
of membranes”
Camelia Bala, University of Bucharest, Bucharest,
“Affinity-based biosensors as promising tools in
doping control”
Ana-Nicoleta Bondar, University of Bucharest, Romania
and Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany
“Graph-based algorithms to dissect conformational
dynamics and proton transfers in complex bio-systems”
Cecilia Cristea, "Iuliu Hatieganu" University of
Medicine and  Pharmacy, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
“Functionalized materials as versatile tools for
advanced (bio)sensing systems”
Mauro Dalla Serra, National Research Council of Italy -
Institute of Biophysics, Genoa, Italy
“Pore-forming proteins”
Victor Diculescu, National Institute of Materials
Physics, Bucharest, Romania
“Electrochemical investigations into protein
degradation and inhibition”
Maximiliano Figueroa Yévenes, Université de Liège,
Liège (Sart-Tilman), Belgium
“Artificial protein design as a tool to study stability
and folding in natural proteins ”
Eugen Gheorghiu, International Centre of
Biodynamics, Bucharest, Romania
“Towards a Point of Care system for rapid,
phenotypic antimicrobial susceptibility testing”
Claudiu Gradinaru, University of Toronto Mississauga,
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
“Force without form: a disordered protein complex
examined with single-molecule and computational
Danny O’Hare, Imperial College London, UK
“Minimally-invasive biosensors for clinical and
biomedical applications ”
Dana Alina Magdas, National Institute for Research and
Development of Isotopic and Molecular Technologies,
“Application of acknowledged and emerging approaches
for food authentication. Honey - a case study”
André Matagne, University of Liège, Liège (Sart-
Tilman), Belgium
“Functional and structural characterization of Bone
Morphogenetic Protein 2 and the antagonist
Liviu Movileanu, Syracuse University, NY, USA
“Single-molecule stochastic sensing of proteins in a
complex biofluid: finding the needle in a haystack”
Pierre-Emmanuel Milhiet, Centre de Biologie
Structurale de Montpellier, France
“Membrane organization and remodeling probed by
Atomic Force Microscopy”
Edmond Magner, University of Limerick, Ireland
“Nanostructured materials as enzyme supports”
John Seddon, Imperial College London, UK
“Lipid nanoparticles with pH-triggered change in
their internal connectivity”

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