Supporting Publications

The participants can choose to send their manuscripts in the view of publication for special issues dedicated to IC-
ANMBES 2018 to the next:

Bioelectrochemistry Journal (ISSN 1567-5394) Impact Factor: 3.346 (2016);
- is an international journal devoted to electrochemical principles in biology and biological aspects of electrochemistry.
It publishes experimental and theoretical papers dealing with the electrochemical aspects of electrified interfaces,
electric and magnetic field effects, bioenergetics and signal transduction, biomembranes and model membranes,
electrochemical applications in medicine and biotechnology, organization and use of arrays in-vitro and in-vivo,
electrochemical interrogation of biofilms as generated by microorganisms and tissue reaction associated with medical
- is indexed by BIOSIS, Biosciences Information Services, Elsevier BIOBASE, Chemical Abstracts, Current
Contents,MEDLINEŽ, EMBASE, Electroanalytical Abstracts, Engineering Index, Scopus

Analytical Letters Journal (ISSN 0003-2719 (Print), 1532-236X (Online)) Impact Factor: 1.150  (2016);
- is an international medium for the rapid publication of original research papers, accelerated articles, or mini-reviews
on important developments in all areas of analytical chemistry, including electrochemistry, mass spectrometry,
separations, and spectroscopy. Papers are welcomed that consider fundamental developments, new or improved
instrumentation and sensors, and applications of analytical chemistry in all areas that include biological and clinical
science, engineering and instrumentation science, environmental chemistry and analysis, geochemistry, materials
science, nanotechnology, and physics.
- is indexed by BIOBASE, CABI, Chemical Abstracts Service, Chimica, CSA, DECHEMA e.V., EBSCOhost, IFIS,
OCLC, Ovid, Proquest, Royal Society of Chemistry, Scopus, TEMA, Vitis, VINITI RAN, Thomson Reuters (ISI)

The manuscripts should be submitted electronically.
Open for submission: June 1, 2018
Deadline: September 30, 2018 :

1. Bioelectrochemistry Journal:

2. Analytical Letters via the Manuscript Central website located at: and choose 
the Special Issue of IC-ANMBES 2018.

Please follow the instructions for authors of each publisher.
All manuscripts will be peer-reviewed by at least two external referees.

- Bioelectrochemistry
- Analytical Letters
- Transilvania University of Brasov
- University of Wisconsin-        
Milwaukee, USA,
- INCDTIM, Romania
- University of Perpignan, France;
- University of Twente, The
¹ Looking forward to meeting you in Brasov!
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- Romanian Society of Pure And
Applied Biophysics
- Romanian Physical Society
- Romanian Society of Pure And
Applied Biophysics
- Romanian Physical Society
- Transilvania University of Brasov